Pinyapatch Chanyathunyaroj (Grace)

Co-founder: La Moon Thai Spa (since 2015), Praan Thai Massage (since 2018), BAMBAT Advanced Thai Massage (since 2023)
People always recognize me as “Grace” a name which I really loved. I have been practicing massage since 2010. I started my career with the traditional Thai massage in Thailand. Since coming to the U.S., I have learned many other massage modalities such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Ashiastu, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone and Orthopedic Massage. With all my passion, I created my own way of giving a massage by including all the good techniques I have learned to put together an effective and unique experience. I am so glad that I would be able to share my practice, my passion and my spirit to people in Brookline MA and surrounding area.

Services : 

Specializing all provided services including Absolute Massage
2 gold medalists from American Massage Championship 2023 on Eastern Freestyle and Innovative massage
The 1st Runner Up Award of Nuad Thai on the massage table 2022 from Nuad Thai and Spa Association of America and currently I am the New York Reginal Director of the Nuad Thai and Spa Association of America