Pitchaya Areewatana (Snow)

Bachelor of Materials and Packaging Technology from Prince of Songkhla University Thailand
Meet Snow, your dedicated massage therapist, blending a passion for soothing muscles with a healing touch. Renowned for her commitment to pampering clients, Snow infuses each session with attentive care. With a deep understanding of anatomy and a nurturing demeanor, she crafts a serene atmosphere, inviting you to relax and rejuvenate. Adding to her accolades, Snow recently secured a gold medal in the Massachusetts Massage Championship 2024, showcasing her unparalleled skills. This prestigious recognition further solidifies her as a trusted name in the realm of massage therapy. Snow’s expertise and compassionate approach leave a lasting and uplifting impact on those fortunate enough to experience her therapeutic touch.

Services : 

Specializing all provided services excluding Absolute Massage
Gold medal in the Massachusetts Massage Championship 2024